My bed is made of golden down
sunken head abuzz ‘cause
we’re tracing a crown     had
Stayed watching the lights of
passing headlamps like a lantern
searching for a keyhole
whose key I’ve had about my neck
since age of ten when
there was still a garden and
rusty things to uncover there
Sliding in neatly please
unlock the wall     starts to move.
And what a room Alice cried.
Oh where am I oh where am I?
How is it at once a lake
at once a shore where the sand is
dry ice holding me hot and lacing
us in frost I see an eagle cleaning
her feathers about to make for the sky.
(In the world we’d left a brawl
and thrown beer bottles are heard
as if in a glass jar) we step into the water
and swim with the lights
They are ceaselessly searching
for more rooms to hide.

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